To our EdgeVisor PaceSetters

Congratulations to our first round of PaceSetters within our newly established EdgeVisor Professional Certification Program. These individuals have shown commitment and dedication to their own future and to our customers by spending time on furthering their flooring knowledge and education. Congrats and keep trekking PaceSetters so you can hit the next level: TrailBlazers!!!


Andrea Hageman
Anthony Little
Aaron Mackie
Anne Olson
Alicia Richter
Alex Carlson
Alex Trego
Beau Alumbaugh
Brian Mussey
Carla Asleson
Colleen Beckstrom
Chris Bennett
Chad Burton
Curtiz Zimmerman
Erik Rude
Eric Schmuecker
Erin Walsh
Frank See
Jason Booke
Jessie Damm
John Doran
Joe Dovenmuehle
Jess Gernentz
Jayme Sebastian
Jaime Stanley
Joe Vaillant
Karl Johnson
Katie Lyons
Kim Murphy
Kevin Riley
Mechelle Bliss
Mike Hogan
Mike Maney
Nick Mattson
Nikki Novak
Nick Schiltz
Pat Anderson
Pete Carlson
Patrick O’Brien
Scott Foley
Sandy Harris
Steve Petersen
Scottie Smith
Torie Bonafede
Tarry Johnson
Tom Spear